This One Word Begins on 1-1-11

Two years ago I gave up the idea of resolutions (not that I ever really did resolutions), for the idea of a theme word to guide me through the year. This one word would permeate every part of my life and hopefully challenge me to become a better person, a better wife, a better mother, a better friend…just better. Or at least on the road to better. :) To document my words, I decided to make quilt blocks to hang on my wall for now as a reminder, but that could would become a memory quilt later on in life.

Just for fun (and really a refresher for myself), I will review my last two years before revealing my One Word for 2011. Hopefully you don’t mind this break from sewing related posts…  :)
Words of Years Past
2009: Release
2009 was particularly meaningful because of the many challenges that faced me in relation to my Word of the Year. I never knew that so many scenarios in my life would center around the one idea, Release, and yet that is exactly what happened. I specifically had to release my time line for several life changes, friendships, expectations of others, expectations of myself, my control over…well, my control period, my pregnancy, my child, my way. It has been and up and down roller coaster ride figuring out how to not just say I am letting go, keeping a little portion of my old ways back, but to truly release everything to the One who has it all under His control. The interesting thing is releasing all of these things is a continual process of which I only just scratched the surface. But, I have come a long way from where I was in 2008…and isn’t that the point? Growth? It’s a beautiful process.


The idea of Rest in 2010 went way beyond physical rest…while I need to be more mindful always of taking care of myself, there was so much more to learn from this word this year. First, cease striving. This phrase kept coming to mind…I can only do so much and I can’t beat myself up about not being super woman. Sometimes that to-do list with 20 items needs to go by the wayside and the 2 items I can get done should be considered a great accomplishment.  It is okay to not be able to do everything both at home and outside of the home, learning to say no to things and not adding more to an already full plate.  This was the part I had the easiest time accepting.

Second, rest in Him. I wanted to grow in relying on God for everything — which is an active form of rest. I can’t just sit around and hope to rely on Him, but I have to be actively resting in Him daily. Spending time in His word, praying and talking through life with Him, being open to His direction and discipline through various means in my life. This one…well, I had a hard time with. I think it wasn’t actually until the latter portion of the year that I started taking this seriously…but I still struggle. I get too caught up in what I can do to fix things and not even conversing with God at all about different areas in my life. I will continue to grow in this area in the coming year, I hope.

Third, was resting in who I am, nothing more & nothing less. I failed at this miserably in so many ways…therefore I won’t go into it, but will use it to lead into my word for the new year, which will by far challenge this aspect of Rest that needed still needs the most work.

One Word for 2011 :: Humility

Let me preface this by saying, I had a word picked out for weeks now and was so excited about the direction I wanted to take in 2011. Then, I started piecing my quilt block together this week and every time I worked on it, I had this nagging sense that my word wasn’t right. It was like a little voice kept whispering, “That’s not the right word for you.” “You don’t want to embroider that word on that block.” “Don’t you want something more…Why are you taking the easy road?” The truth is, I knew immediately that there was a different word that I needed to choose. I just didn’t want to. This continued for days and it wasn’t until I finished the block and was preparing to embroider my word that I finally embraced the “other word.” Humility. It’s definitely not the easy road, that’s for sure and I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that I am figuratively kicking and screaming about it. ha ha!
You see over the course of the last several months through various means, the Lord has been working on my heart – big time. The revelation that I can be the most prideful person ever is not a pretty one and the fact that pride can find its way into all aspects of my life is quite shocking and destructive. I know the specific areas that I most often fall prey to prideful thinking and I am hoping that by focusing on Humility this year, and really seeking God’s way above all else, I might become a little less prideful.  Wish me luck! ;)

What about you…want to choose a word for 2011?  

Let me know what your word is in the comments and link up over on Alece’s blog Grit & Glory. (which, by the way, is one of my fav reads!) 

P.S. for the Quilty Folks – I used Zonnah’s Tutorial to make this year’s block. FYI, it is not really a beginner friendly block, at least not in my opinion — but if you are an overachiever like I am, you won’t let that stop you!! ha ha! 

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21 thoughts on “This One Word Begins on 1-1-11

  1. What a beautiful idea!! I will have to think of a word, I could really use one. What was the word you had picked out before you changed to humility?Thank you for sharing a wonderful tradition.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Anne! I really hope you choose a word, I have been truly blessed by each of mine. :)The first word I wanted to choose was "purpose." Sometimes I feel like I waste a lot of time doing things that aren't purposeful — and I wanted to devote the year to doing life with purpose. Asking the question with every activity I do with my husband and my daughter, with the use of my time during the day, with my blogging, with my creating. Now that doesn't mean there isn't fun time — b/c let's face it sometimes the purpose of doing something is just to have fun and goof off, but I wanted to choose better during those times when goofing off wasn't the best option. :) Hopefully that makes sense.The nice thing is that I can still do that without it being my One Word for the year…but I knew my specific focus and what God wanted me to spend time on was Humility.

  3. Still thinking on my word. . . Thanks for the reminder. I learned a lot about myself over the last year reflecting on 'trust' from last year. I'll link back once I think about it some more and post on it. :)

  4. "humility"… wow, amanda. i love your heart to choose the hard. i can't wait to see how this plays out in your life this year… i know the end result is going to be beautiful as you reflect God's heart.

  5. Wow. That's a tough word, but something we all need more of in our lives. Praying for you this year that God will accomplish what He wants to in your life.

  6. Ohhh purpose makes sense too! I've been brainstorming on words, and the ones that have come to mind for me are:focus – I tend to avoid the things I should be doing, and I really need to focus on finishing my PhD this – I have trust issues, this is a huge one for me. Letting go, trusting.balance – it's very tough to find a good balance between work and play, but I feel burnt out if I don't give myself any play time, and I feel guilty if I'm playing and not working! I guess I'm set until 2014. ;)

  7. Here from Alece's blog and praising God for your gift of quilting! Humility is not easy and I foresee that being my word in the near future so I will be gleaning and get encouragement from your journey with it this year. Blessings!

  8. Your quilt blocks are lovely! I love it! My word is 'time'. It's nice to "meet" you and I'm looking forward to reading more.Have you read Humility by Murray? Its a good one.

  9. Erinbeth's recommendation of the book by Murray reminds me of the one by C.J. Mahaney. On my list to read! I picked "invest" for this year… It will be exciting to see what God does through these. :)

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