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Over on my personal blog, I am participating in a sort of challenge that revolves around the idea of not just taking in creative idea after creative idea (pinterest addiction, anyone?) and doing nothing with it, but to regularly put some of these inspirational ideas into practice. I really like being pushed to get stuff done and to do something with what I am taking in…there is so much that I would like to make that I tend to get overwhelmed and don’t do anything. With this simple challenge, I can do something weekly or bi-weekly and feel like I am being creatively productive. :) Since many of the inspirational things I am pinning are craft/sewing related I will be posting them here.

This week’s Pinspiration:

One of the items that has been on my to-do list since I first saw it were these mini-design boards that are being used to layout Farmer’s Wife blocks until it is time to sew them up. I knew immediately that I was going to make some. With some scrap batting, a piece of foam board, and my mini glue gun in hand, I set to work this past weekend and whipped these  up in a couple of hours. I don’t know if they actually take that long or if my time is somewhat skewed because I was also wrangling my toddler during this whole process! ha ha! Making the actual boards didn’t take very long at all…and you could totally just use them that way and be fine. But I wanted to go the extra mile with these and spice them up with binding.

Mini Design Boards

That final decorative piece was fun to do — I just randomly picked 6 fabrics from my stash and cut a 2.5 inch strip from each and made double fold tape. Then instead of sewing a zig-zag down the middle like she did, I decided to sew two parallel lines. This worked out perfectly when I was gluing them onto the boards too because the edge of the board was the exact width I between my lines. I love it when things just happen like that!

Mini Design Boards

I am quite pleased with them and have already started laying out a few of my blocks to see how they will do. Anythings better than sticking them in sandwich bags like I have been doing up until now, right? ;)

If you would like to make some too, here are the links to A Bee in My Bonnet‘s tutorials:
Mini-Design Boards – Part 1
Mini-Design Boards – Part 2

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3 thoughts on “Pin Real Life :: Mini Design Boards

  1. I love Pinterest (it lead me to your blog). I've made several recipes I've pinned on pinterest. I've also made a few of the crafts I've pinned on there. Several people at church were getting together last week to have a Pinterest party (I was already busy and couldn't go). They each brought a craft they had pinned on Pinterest and sat around together doing their own crafts and chatting. Sounded fun to me.

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